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Last Call! Submit an Article to the UMBC Review!

The UMBC Review: Journal of Undergraduate Research is currently soliciting submissions for its 23rd edition to be published in April 2022. We invite you to submit your research to our journal. The Review offers a rewarding opportunity to get your undergraduate research published!

The deadline to submit has been extended to Friday, September 24th. The submission application can be found here--just click the "Submit" button. We encourage students from all majors and disciplines to send in their research! Your papers do not have to be ready for publication or perfect right now; we just want to see the best work and research you have completed! Papers may include original research and/or artistic statements that explore the research and process you have completed, and discoveries you have made.

Submission guidelines and the UMBC Review Style Guide can be found at our website https://ur.umbc.edu/umbc-review/. If you have any questions please contact the editors at umbcreview@umbc.edu.

We look forward to reading your excellent submissions!

Best Regards, 
Will Murphy (they/them, he/him)
Dariush Aligholizadeh (he/him)
Levi Lewis (he/him)

UMBC Review Editors

Posted: September 23, 2021, 10:06 AM