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Honors College Council Town Hall (with Donuts!)

Friday, April 26, 2019
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Library and Gallery, Albin O. Kuhn : 216M

A message from the Honors College Council (HCC):

Want to learn more about the Honors College Council and how to make fun events happen around campus?

Interested in applying for an officer position, but not sure what it's all about?

Come to the HCC Town Hall this Friday, April 26, in the Honors College Lounge to enjoy some doughnuts and meet the Honors College Council executive board! 

This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about what HCC does and how we organize events such as the annual Charity Gala and Retriever Bowl. If you want to learn more about the specific positions or just have event feedback, we would love to see you come!. 

In addition to celebrate raising over 75 items in the Spring Drive for Retriever Essentials, we will be serving FREE Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Come with great questions!

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