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Welcome to the Honors College at UMBC!

The Honors College is an integral part of the UMBC community, offering talented students a challenging, and interdisciplinary academic program within the broader university. In small classes and through close engagement with faculty members, Honors College students develop as writers, thinkers, researchers and active members of the UMBC community. Whether they focus on the sciences, the visual or performing arts, the humanities, or the social sciences, Honors College students pursue their intellectual interests across disciplines and beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Honors College students work closely with one another and with the exceptional faculty who teach Honors courses.

We see the undergraduate years as a time to develop the distinct human faculties of critical thinking and ethical judgment, the essential foundations of adult life. By developing these faculties, students realize the deeper promise of the university experience, and create a community where our motto, “Learning for Living,” can be experienced by all.