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Alumna Q&A: Hannah Perskie ’11

hannah_bMajor: History
Hometown: Baltimore
Current Occupation: Police Officer in Baltimore City

What You Love About Your Job: I love being active in every aspect including my community, physically, politically and socially. Someone once told me that being an officer is like having backstage tickets to the show. You see so much and have the flexibility to use your discretion as well as the training to follow the law. You build camaraderie with your partners that goes beyond many partnerships. In the end, we don’t make judgments on our partner’s personalities, but on their courage and expertise to back you up at all costs. It’s an awesome experience.

Favorite memory about UMBC: All the opportunities. I LOVED studying abroad in Peru, traveling to places I never thought I would go to, chatting with professors and fellow students about everything from the graphic novels “The Walking Dead,” to the role of propaganda in society.

Favorite memory about the Honors College: I loved the availability of the faculty. Going to visit Lisa, Peggy, Dr. Stacey and Dr. Guzman-Rae helped me to get in touch with another side of the university. Us students are so self-consumed, because college is in many ways supposed to be a self-defining experience. Going to talk with the Honors college faculty helped me break out of myself, and that is so important, because the “me” bubble is not sustainable. On top of that, they are just great people who were encouraging in every way. Not many organizations can boast of being formed by great people, but Honors College really can. Look for those kinds of people in your life, because we all need more help in life than we think we do.

Advice that you would give to incoming Honors College Students: Get involved and stretch yourself! Study abroad if your major allows it, and even if you don’t think your major allows it, still talk to Brian about study abroad and surprise yourself. Enjoy college, but practice good budgeting and build good credit. Seriously, one of the biggest mistakes I made in college was that I didn’t apply for a credit card and ask help on budgeting. I didn’t think of myself as a reckless spender because I gave so much money away, which was great. But when you have to support yourself, you have to know what you’re getting and what you’re giving. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, it is really all in the budgeting. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Being independent does not mean cutting off your resources, so still be humble enough to ask your parents for help when you need it!