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Have you completed research? Looking to get published?

Submit your paper to the UMBC Review today!

August 22, 2017 12:02 PM

Have you completed research that you want to refine and publish?

Would you like to be able to put “published author” on your resume?

Would you like professional criticism on your writing from a peer and faculty reviewers?

The UMBC Review is currently accepting submissions* for papers from all fields. We do not require your work to be 100% perfect at this stage - all papers will go through a thorough editing process by editors and off-campus reviewers. 

See submission guidelines, and prior editions of The Review here, and submit your paper by September 15th, 2017!

*Note: You can even submit if you have already graduated, as long as the research conducted was done whilst you were an undergraduate at UMBC. 

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