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Faculty Interview: Dr. Sarah Leupen

Leupen pic 2 2104Dr. Sarah Leupen, featured Honors College faculty tells us about why she loves teaching at the UMBC Honors College.   Dr. Leupen was trained as a neuroscientist (B.A. and Ph.D) and physiologist (Ph.D. and postdoc), and teaches anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and reproduction.
Title: Senior Lecturer
Department: Biological Sciences

Favorite thing about UMBC: How collaborative the environment is. People from across departments and programs are actually interested in working with each other to improve student learning and achieve other goals, and students see the benefits of working together to achieve their goals, too.

Favorite thing about the Honors College: The incredibly awesome students.

Favorite Experience Teaching an Honors Class: The experiments students did in my Biological Clocks seminar were really neat. Some groups manipulated fruit flies’ light cycles and measured the change in their egg-hatching timing, which had really interesting results. Others investigated changes in cognition and performance in humans according to clock time; I enjoyed being a participant in these studies, even if I did have to get up in the middle of the night to try to manipulate geometric figures in three dimensions!

Advice you would give to incoming Honors College Students: The most important thing you can do in college is make connections with other interested, interesting people (students, faculty, and others). These connections will serve you for years to come!