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Faculty Interview: Dr. Anupam Joshi

Dr. Anupam Joshi, featured Honors College faculty, tells us about why he loves teaching at the UMBC Honors College.anupam_web

Title: Professor of Computer Science, Oros Family Professor and Director, UMBC Center for Cybersecurity
Areas of Research:
Security/Privacy, Mobile Computing, Analytics, especially for Healthcare and Social Media, Semantic Web
Hometown: New Delhi, India

Favorite thing about UMBC: Let me count the the things ….

Favorite thing about the Honors College: Playing devil’s advocate on privacy topics with really smart honors college kids.
Favorite Honors College Class That You Taught and Why: I’ve only taught the class on “Privacy and Security in a Mobile social world”. I wanted honors college students, the thought leaders of tomorrow, to see for themselves how data collection and analysis had become very easy. This was pre “PRISM” revelation days, when students didn’t really hear about how much information about themselves they had likely made available publicly.
Advice you would give to incoming Honors College Students: Ask a lot of questions!

Learn more about Dr. Joshi’s research and accomplishments on his web page: