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Welcome | Certificate Requirements | The Honors College Council | Scholarships

Welcome to the Honors College at UMBC!

Here you will find information about our certificate requirements as well as applied learning experience opportunities. We also encourage you to utilize our Blackboard Community site for up-to-date information and course lists, our facebook group and to meet with our academic advisors on a regular basis.

Honors College Certificate Requirements

The following course and GPA requirements must be met for a student to receive a Certificate of General Honors upon graduation from UMBC. Honors College students must maintain their standing in the College by taking a minimum of two courses per academic year (excluding Honors Forum and English Composition) until all requirements are met. All courses taken to fulfill the requirements, with the exception of the Applied Learning Experience, must be at least three credits and passed with a grade of A or B.

  • HONR 100 (Honors Forum) in the fall semester of the first year. Required for all new students except those entering with more than 30 non-AP credits.
  • ENGL 100 (English Composition) or, if AP credit exempts a student from ENGL 100, another expository writing course approved by the Honors College.
  • Six Honors Courses
  • Three HONR seminars at the 200 or 300 level. At least one seminar must be at the 300 level. Courses that may be substituted for one 200 level seminar in the fall or spring of the first year are First Year Seminars (FYS); HUM 121H; and PUB 150H.
  • Three additional Honors courses (HONR courses or H-sections; departmental honors courses or graduate-level courses can also be taken for Honors College credit)
  • At least three of the six required courses must be taken in fields outside the major.
  • An Applied Learning Experience (described below).
  • Maintenance of a cumulative 3.25 GPA (assessed annually) until completion of degree.

Applied Learning Experience

Applied Learning Experiences are defined as one of the following:

Applied Learning Experiences must be pre-approved by your Honors College Advisor, and a written reflection report must be turned in to the Honors College for review. Approval decisions will be based on the rigor, length, and depth of the program under consideration.

HONR 390 (Reflections on Community Service), HONR 400 (Honors Independent Studies), or HONR 410 (Honors Internship) may be used to meet the Applied Learning Experience requirement.

Waiver Policy: Students may request a one-time waiver from the requirements to complete two honors courses per academic year until the certificate requirements are met. Such a waiver request is most likely to be granted if there is a serious academic reason for the request.

The Honors College Council

The student-led Honors College Council (HCC) coordinates cultural and social events and service projects. These events include the Lunch in the Lounge series, where students have lunch with faculty members; the Annual Charity Gala and the Retriever Bowl Trivia Contest. For more information, contact one of the officers listed below or the HCC advisor, Andrew Holter, at

2018-2019 Honors College Council Officers

  • President: Kevin Chen E-mail:
  • Vice-president: Jessica Kweon E-mail:
  • Treasurer: Sanya Ahmed E-mail:
  • Secretary: Jasmine Kweon
  • Transfer Representative: Jade Reinholtz
  • Transfer Representative: Diane Stonestreet
  • Freshman Representative: Chase Andre
  • Freshman Representative: Gabby Khan


  • Historian: Ghina Ammar
  • Member Development: Aarsh Sheth
  • Public Relations: Jesse Mannion
  • Special Events: Tanya Ramsey
  • Fundraising: David Trinh
  • Charity and Service: Philip Do
  • Charity and Service: Gabbi McLean

Summer Scholarships

The Honors College has limited funds available for its students to pursue their studies or research during the summer session. The Honors College particularly encourages students to apply for support for research and/or special projects. Scholarships will be awarded for both study in this country and abroad; small research awards may be used to defray such expenses as travel (i.e. to work in libraries or conduct interviews) or obtaining copies of documents. Past awards have ranged from $100-$1,500. Calls for applications are made early in the spring semester.

Prestigious Scholarships

Nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships are highly competitive national and international awards that provide financial support and other benefits to exceptionally well-qualified students. The Honors College, in partnership with the Office of Undergraduate Education, helps prepare students for these late-undergraduate and graduate awards, including the Goldwater, Fulbright, Truman, Gates Cambridge, Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships. UMBC students have been extremely successful in these competitions. For instance, they have won three of the 90 Gates Cambridge Scholarships awarded to US citizens in the past three years, and regularly win Goldwater and Fulbright Scholarships. For more information, contact:

Dr. April Householder
Director of Undergraduate Research and Prestigious Scholarships
(410) 455-5754